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"Come away, O' human child, to the waters and the wild; With a faery hand in hand, for the world's more full of weeping than you can understand."
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Bones reveal social differences between the people buried in dolmens and those in caves


The researcher Teresa Fernández-Crespo, lead author of this study, had in a previous piece of work found demographic differences between the people buried in dolmens and those buried in caves: while male adults predominated in the dolmens, children and women were more common in the caves. This funerary variability is common across the continent of Europe, although “it has hardly ever been investigated systematically,” explained the researcher.

Through this study they wanted to go further and &ldq uo;get to know the possible significance of the different funerary practices in a very restricted space-time sequence to see whether there could be a difference in the diet of the individuals buried in megaliths and those in caves”. The key is to be found in the diet, which aside from addressing a physiological need, “also constitutes cultural and social behavior determined by various parameters. That is why we knew that through the eating patterns we could make out something about the social structure and the type of societies that had been buried in these locations”, she explained. Read more.

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Anonymous asked: I've read that there are many different forms of initiation. One can be initiated by the Devil/mighty dead/Faeries/other spirits or entities, right? But how does it happen? You just say "okay I wanna become a witch, I'm going to do this ritual" or do you have to undergo physical/psychological tortures or like ?!?! This is not clear enough, I'm aware that this is a peculiar subject surrounded by secrecy and that witches don't like to talk about initiation, but how can I understand better?


, and they either tend to find you or you decide to do the ritual that people know makes you a witch. Whether you start it ceremonially or it just happens by the will of spirits, initiation can be helpful and can teach you a lot. It’s often considered a form of death and rebirth by anthropologists. It is not the only route to working magic, but it can be a good start. Ask yourself what you want out of being initiated. 

“I have been all day looking after
A raven feeding upon a quarter:
And, soone as she turn’d her beak to the south,
I snatch’d this morsell out of her mouth.
I have beene gathering wolves haires,
The madd dogges foames, and adders eares;
The spurging of a dead man’s eyes:
And all since the evening starre did rise.

I last night lay all alone
O’ the ground, to heare the mandrake grone;
And pluckt him up, though he grew full low:
And, as I had done, the cocke did crow.

And I ha’ beene chusing out this scull
From charnell houses that were full;
From private grots, and publike pits:
And frighted a sexton out of his wits.

Under a cradle I did crepe
By day; and, when the childe was a-sleepe
At night, I suck’d the breath; and rose,
And pluck’d the nodding nurse by the nose.

I had a dagger: what did I with that?
Killed an infant to have his fat.
A piper it got at a church-ale.
I bade him again blow wind i’ the taile.

A murderer yonder was hung in chaines;
The sunne and the wind had shrunke his veins:
I bit off a sinew; I clipp’d his haire;
I brought off his ragges, that danc’d i’ the ayre.

The scrich-owles egges and the feathers blacke,
The bloud of the frogge, and the bone in his backe
I have been getting; and made of his skin
A purset, to keepe Sir Cranion in.

And I ha’ beene plucking plants among
Hemlock, henbane, adders-tongue,
Night-shade, moone-wort, libbards-bane;
And twise by the dogges was like to be tane.

I from the jawes of a gardiner’s bitch
Did snatch these bones, and then leap’d the ditch:
Yet went I back to the house againe,
Kill’d the black cat, and here is the braine.

I went to the toad, breedes under the wall,
I charmed him out, and he came to my call;
I scratch’d out the eyes of the owle before;
I tore the batts wing: what would you have more?

Yes: I have brought, to helpe your vows,
Horned poppie, cypresse boughes,
The fig-tree wild, that grows on tombes,
And juice, that from the larch-tree comes,

The basiliskes bloud, and the vipers skin:
And now our orgies let’s begin.”

Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, Percy, 1906

When simmer days and heather bells
Come reakin owr yon hillen hills
There’s yellow corn in yonder fields
And the Autumn brings a shearin’

Sing bonnie lassie will ye gang
An shear wi me the whole day lang
And love will cheer us as we gang
And we join yon band o’ shearers

And if the thistle it be strang
That it should hurt your milk white hand
It’s me, my hawk I’ll cut it down
When we join yon band o’ shearers

And if the weather it be hot
I’ll take off my vest and coat
And we’ll count our thrives among yon lot
When we join yon band o’ shearers

And when the shearin’ it be done
We’ll hae some rantin’ rovin’ fun
We’ll hae some rantin’ rovin’ fun
An forget all the toils o’ shearin’

Sing bonnie laddie I will gang
An shear wi ye the whole day lang
And love will join us hand in hand
When we join yon band o’ shearers


Witches Sabbath (details) by Frans Francken II, 1606.

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-the wind would scream, telling you stories about long forgotten wanderers-

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